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If you have any questions or comments, or if you would like to contact us for a product quote, please use the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  In addition, please use this form for any technical, product access questions or to have your location added to Access My Library .

For Library Barcode set up please fill in the boxes denoted below with your Library Barcode Prefix (static) numbers. And then the Library barcode length in total numbers on the following line. An example of this could look like this:

  • Library Prefix Numbers or Letters: 56789 and Barcode Length: 14 digits
  • Library Prefix Numbers or Letters: P4 and Barcode Length: 3 digits

If your barcode is just 4 digits long with no specific Prefix then just denote 4 digits in the length and we will set that up as well.

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Academic Sales and Management Team

Academic Library Field Representative

Matthew Smith

800 877-4253 ext. 12257

Academic Library Inside Representative

Anne Scharff

800 877-4253 ext. 18834

Academic Customer Success Manager

Angela Palmieri

800 877-4253 ext. 18818

Public Library Sales and Management Team

Public Library Field Representative

April Angel

303 325-6833

Public Library Customer Success Manager

Joe Williams

800 877-4253 ext. 18635

Gale Technical Support

800 877-4253 option 4

Please be prepared to provide your location name, city/state, and library barcode or IP information. This will help expedite your request, we can also assist you with any additional questions you might have.

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