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  • GeoIP/GeoLinks/Geo-location is a way to determine if a user is located in a specific geographic area and is allowed or denied access to the resources based on that IP address

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  • Discovery Gale promotes discovery of its online products and databases within library discovery services, the open web and in the classroom - adding value and increasing usage by researchers, educators and students.

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  • Widgets Gale’s search widgets provide your users with quicker access to the answers they are looking for when conducting research in a Gale online resource. Click on the link below and scroll to the bottom of the new page to access widgets for your library.

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  • OpenURL - When linking to Gale content using the OpenURL Standard we recommend that you utilize the four core indexes (ISSN, Volume, Issue, Start Page) in the URL that is issued to Gale. The use of the other indexes is only encouraged if you do not have index information for several of the core indexes and your goal is to reduce the number of results for a particular query. Please note that use of the other indexes lacks the precision and at times will produce inconsistent results.

    Enabling OpenURL in Gale Admin
    How do I construct and OpenURL for Gale Content?
    Inbound OpenURL

  • Mobile - Make your online resources more discoverable by promoting Gale’s mobile app available for iOS and Droid devices.

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  • Ip Addresses-   

  • IP Addresses - FAQ and Registration Form

    Frequently Asked Questions - IP Addresses

    An IP address is an internet address that enables computers to talk to each other. Cengage Gale can use this information as a method to ensure that you are coming from a certain region or campus. Once we have your external static IP address(s) in your account that means that your users will not have to be challenged for access credentials.

    How do I find out my IP Address?;

    You can ask your IT staff for your range of external static IP addresses, or you can confirm this by visiting our IP Address Tool which will display the IP address that our system sees that you are coming from when you log on.

    We use a Firewall and Proxy server does that affect my IP address?

    Yes Firewalls and Proxy Servers often replace the IP address of the end users computer with their own. This does not cause a problem with IP authentication as long as we have the global IP address of the firewall or server in your account. One requirement for this is that the firewall / proxy server is not shared publicly with other organizations. 

    What is the format of IP addresses?

    an IP address is comprised of 4 three number octets.

    You can also represent ranges

    144.240.001.* where '*' represents [0-255]

    144.240.001.[128-192] notation)

    To register your IP address(es) Please fill out the contact form here.
  • Usage - Gale electronic product usage reports provide an accurate count of how your Gale subscriptions are being used by patrons both inside your library and remotely via the Internet. Gale strives to meet all usage standard requirements as defined by COUNTER (Counting Online Usage of Networked Electronic Resources). Currently Gale is a compliant vendor under the COUNTER Code of Practice, Release 4.

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Support Team

800 877-4253 option 4

Please be prepared to provide your location name, city/state, and library barcode or IP information. This will help expedite your request, we can also assist you with any additional questions you might have.

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