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Rensselaer Middle High School

#TitleDirect URL 
1Gale Common Menu
2Gale PowerSearch
3Academic OneFile
4Agriculture Collection
5Business Economics and Theory
6Business Insights: Essentials
7Communications and Mass Media Collection
8Computer Database
9Criminal Justice Collection
10Culinary Arts Collection
11Diversity Studies Collection
12Educator's Reference Complete New
13Environmental Studies and Policy Collection
14Expanded Academic ASAP
15Fine Arts and Music Collection
16Gardening, Landscape and Horticulture Collection
17Gender Studies Collection
18General OneFile
19General Reference Center Gold
20General Science Collection
21Health Reference Center Academic
22Home Improvement Collection
23Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Collection
24Information Science and Library Issues Collection
25Informe Academico New
26Insurance and Liability Collection
27Kids InfoBits
28Military and Intelligence Database
29New York State Newspapers
31Nursing and Allied Health Collection
32Opposing Viewpoints In Context
33Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Collection
34Pop Culture Collection
35Popular Magazines
36Psychology Collection
37Religion and Philosophy Collection
38Research In Context New
39Small Business Collection
40U.S. History Collection
41Vocations and Careers Collection
42War and Terrorism Collection
43World History Collection

Britannica Library New

# Product Name Direct URL
1 Britannica School (all 3 levels)
1 Britannica Elementary
2 Britannica Middle
3 Britannica High
4 Britannica Academic Edition
5 Britannica Escolar (both levels)
5 Britannica Escolar Primaria
6 Britannica Escolar Secundaria