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An IP address is an internet address that enables computers to talk to each other. Cengage Gale can use this information as a method to ensure that you are coming from a certain region or campus. Once we have your external static IP address(s) in your account that means that your users will not have to be challenged for access credentials.

How do I find out my IP Address?

Your IP address is,

However we do recommend you check with your IT staff to confirm if you have just the above single IP address or if you have a range.

We use a Firewall and Proxy server does that affect my IP address?

Yes Firewalls and Proxy Servers often replace the IP address of the end users computer with their own. This does not cause a problem with IP authentication as long as we have the global IP address of the firewall or server in your account. One requirement for this is that the firewall / proxy server is not shared publicly with other organizations. 

What is the format of IP addresses?

an IP address is comprised of 4 three number octets.

You can also represent ranges

144.240.001.* where '*' represents [0-255]

144.240.001.[128-192] notation)

To register your IP address(es) Please fill out the contact form here.

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